Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Swedish Death Cleaning

Have you heard the latest decluttering trend called Swedish Death Cleaning? I hadn't heard of it until a friend posted it on Facebook causing a lot of interesting discussion.

Since that friend and her friends are all around my age or younger many couldn't relate Swedish Death Cleaning for themselves but talked how nice this would be (or would have been) for parents or grandparents to take part in.
Swedish Death Cleaning sounds kind of morbid, but basically it is decluttering your belongings instead of leaving the whole kit and kaboodle for those left behind by your death.  The thought is to take responsibility for your items and don't leave them as a burden to family and friend because that's not fair.

I think it is an interesting concept, but I don't see Swedish Death Cleaning happening so much in America because we don't like to talk about death.  And also, the concept behind SDC is to keep your belongings from becoming an emotional burden on others, and I know many people who love to be as burdensome as possible. In fact, those people are probably out buying more shit right now for their loved ones to deal with later.

The Fine Print: Just a random card from a Simon Says Stamp kit, it has nothing to do with death, death cleaning, or death non-cleaning for those burdensome folks.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Remember my last post, back in the dusty era of the iPhone 5? Yeah, I mentioned that I made some cards for World Card Making Day. So I thought I'd share those cards from WCMD, because you know, why not?

I started by making one of those movement cards from Stampin' Up that look cool yet complicated. It turns out that they aren't too complicated, you just need to have some decent eyesight to line the parts up with (which basically means they are impossible for me to make).

I've heard rumors that someone has a tutorial on how to make other stamps and imagines move. Now that sounds complicated.

Next I made another highly engineered card--this cool Halloween slider card. It too went together easily enough (you know with lots of directions, guidance and hand-holding). I thought it was really cool. I spent my entire drive home wondering if I could ever make another one and the answer is no, because magic. Magic is how this card came together. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The Fine Print: Probably pretty much it is all Stampin' Up products. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Today is World Card Making Day which is very similar to Weapons of Mass Destruction except for the weapons are a lot more fun and the only thing getting destroyed is the budget.*

Anyway, to celebrate WCMD I cleaned the closet. And it wasn't even the closet in the craft room.
Okay, then I went to a friend's house so I'd be forced to make a card. Or two. I'll share those later after they've been properly photographed. Or improperly photographed, however my photography skills take me.

The Fine Print: *And maybe some paper. Stamps by Stampin' Up.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Vitamin E

Earlier this year my fingernails gave up the ghost. They got thin and started peeling, cracking, breaking, and just generally being a wreck. I started taking Vitamin E to see if that would help them any.
I can't say it is doing anything for my fingernails, but my toenails are fabulous! They are thick, shiny, and healthy looking. Plus they are growing like weeds. I swear I have to trim them every week now.  So, that just proves that growing old is a bitch. Sigh.

The Fine Print: Stamps 'n stuff by Stampin' Up.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Proof Positive

The other day my husband and his coworkers were discussing salsas. Salsa is a serious business here in the Southwest. They got on the subject of pumpkin salsa ('tis the season). My husband made a face and talked about how much he hated pumpkin salsa and how it was an abomination to man and oh my heck, his wife loved that stuff and it was the worst, most vile thing ever on the whole planet.
This caused one of his coworkers to say, "I'm sure Judy doesn't appreciate you making fun of her taste." To which my husband replied, "Oh, she knows I make fun of her taste all the time. It's pretty obvious that she has lousy taste. I mean, she married me."
Case closed, Your Honor.

The Fine Print: Stamps 'n dies by Stampin' Up. CASED from Susan Itell. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Perfectly Peachy Penguin

Seriously I really have been trying to play along with Merry Monday. I have my movie inspired image printed (from 2 weeks ago) and a bunch of tags lying willy nilly (last week) and now finally I have actually finished a current challenge!
Penguins, especially Christmas penguins just cry out to be black, white and red, so that is what happened here.  This little sweetie is ready to celebrate with a giant candy cane. Bring on the festivities!

The Fine Print: Penguin stamp by Art Impressions, ribbon from SU, herringbone from my stash. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Senior Prom Anyone?

I didn't go to my senior prom. Or my junior prom. Or any prom. 
I don't feel a lesser person because of it.

Did you go to yours?
Was it all stars and romance?
Or just another awkward rite of passage?