Saturday, September 23, 2017

Please Remain Seated

Today was my big stamp club meeting. I have the dubious honor of being in charge of it. Actually it isn't that bad once you accept the fact that someone will always be unhappy about something. The hard part about the meeting is you never know what will happen, or not happen.

Our meeting has a basic outline of things we do and sometimes things are over in a blink of an eye and other times they drag on ad nauseam.  Sometimes they run right down the perfect middle between those two. Those are the best days because then the meeting just rolls along nicely and I don't have to do that much to guide it.
Today was one of those days. I got to sit for most of the meeting which is a very rare event for me. So rare that my feet decided to hurt in protest. How stupid is that?

Anyway I was going to share some of the cards I made for the meeting but they are still on the camera and I don't feel like fussing with them. So have a taco truck in honor of the food truck that served us lunch today at the meeting.

The Fine Print: Stamps by Stampin' Up. So who was unhappy at our meeting today? Me! I had a Cesar salad for lunch and they made it with kale. What is with people and their unholy love for kale?! That shit is bitter. But see, I lived through it and now I'm going to live longer because I ate kale or whatever benefit it is people think they are getting with kale.

Friday, September 22, 2017

I'm Not Required to Know Everything

I'm not required to know everything and some days I think they'd prefer if I knew nothing. Anyway, I often work the front reception desk. The "front reception desk" is not at the front entrance to our campus. It is, however, front and center of our department on an entirely different floor than the main entrance.
The other days someone came up and asked me where the lecture for the blah blah blah archaeology something or another was. I told him honestly that I didn't know and started reaching for the phone. The rest of my sentence, had he not cut me off was going to be "I'll see if I can find out." But before I could say that he was in my face complaining that how could I be an "information desk" if I didn't know anything?!
He made me think for a second and then I realized something--this is the front desk to our department not the whole fricken school, so why are we expected to know what everyone else is doing? And we are treated that way both internally and externally. It is extra unfair because other departments don't tell us what they are doing.
Anyway, I politely told the guy that I was the front desk for student development and if he had a question pertaining to our services I'd be happy to answer them. By the way, I had already set down the phone and had no intentions of calling anyone to find out where his lecture was.

The Fine Print: BTW, I did find out later where that lecture was. It was at an entirely different school than the one I worked at, not even a different campus, but a different school.  Cards 'n parts from Club Scrap. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

White on White

I joined a swap recently where the theme was white on white. I have to tell you that I find that to be really hard. My biggest hurdle is that not all whites are created equal. Different brands and different textures of white will vary.

My first order of business was to decide to use one big piece of cardstock to make my card instead of using all those snippets I have lying around. That way I would be sure to have all the same shade of white.
My second order of business was to use Carol's Our Little Inspirations blog to inspire me. Once you check out her card you can see how she inspired my card.  I originally planned for more foliage including paper flowers on my card but the person I ended up sending too prefers uncomplicated cards without too much bulk.

The Fine Print: We were allowed to use any non-black color for the greeting. Carol was right to promote silver.  Greeting and foliage by Stampin' Up, enbossing folders by Cuttlebug and CTMH. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Here Today Gone Today

At work yesterday they implemented a new procedure. And by "they" I mean the people that work at the main office who don't really know what happens at the branches that actually serve the public. As soon as those in my department heard about this new procedure we came up with about 15 different questions regarding it.

The managers just shrugged and said they knew no more than we did and that if we encounter problems we should just refer those people to them.  It is all fine and good for the managers to say that because problems like to show up at lunch time when the whole lot of them are gone from the building.
Lunch time came and of course a problem cropped up but it was a problem that our department hadn't anticipated with our 15 questions. Nope, this problem involved another department--the one that takes the money.  See in the past this procedure had a $3 option and a $10 option. The new procedure was for an eight dollar fits all process.  Cashiering isn't set up to take $8 for said transaction. Their computer system bulks because it thinks you've either paid too much or too little.

Anyway, by the time lunchtime was over so was the new procedure. Now we're back to doing things the same old way with our two different price points. We haven't heard anything further since yesterday but you just know they will iron out the one wrinkle and throw it back out there for us until the next insurmountable problem comes along. It'd be easier to ask the front line people for input but just winging it much more fun and more in line with our other business practices.

The Fine Print: Stamping stuff by Stampin' Up.

Monday, September 18, 2017

September 18 Mail Day

Picmonkey is going to be the death of me. It has taken way. too.. long... to get these three photos ready to share with you. Thank gosh I didn't get more mail this week.  This first card was for a white on white swap, which is hard to photograph as the papers all have different textures.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

You Make My Heart Sing

Awhile ago I ran across a card I made in a class back in the early aughts. I decided I needed to try out the technique in it again and this card was born.

It is called a grid collage. You make it by stamping some focal stamp in the middle of a piece of glossy paper. Then you use a piece of scrap paper to sponge borders around it. I used two different colors here--same color family, one lighter than the other. Then you block off each area and stamp in it.

It looks cooler if you stamp large collage style stamps in each area, but I don't have collage style stamps because collage isn't my thing. It has taken me years to come to realization. I still like how this came out.

I sent it to a friend for a "blast from the past" swap where you had to use an old stamp or old technique. These stamps are from the early 2000s as well. Once my partner received my card she said that she remember this technique from back in the day. Maybe it will make a comeback.

The Fine Print: Greeting by Rubbernecker, safari animals by Stampin' Up, inks by Memento.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Card Camp

I attended a Christmas Card marking camp today. It was a lot of fun and wore me right out. I thought I'd share my favorite card from it.
The Fine Print: Products 'n stuff by Stampin' Up.