Monday, November 6, 2017

Things Adults Don't Know

I recently read an article about things people had to tell other adults that was surprising. Some of them were real doozies, like once you cross the equator in an airplane you plane is not upside down and if you are standing on an island in the Pacific Ocean all the water you see is the Pacific Ocean. That body of water in the direction that the sun rises out of is not magically the Atlantic Ocean.

Others weren't so earth-shattering like people who didn't understand why once you added up the amounts of their payments it was more than the car sold for (interest, people!). The one I encounter isn't so earth shattering but is kind of perplexing. Then again I didn't grow up in the cell phone age.

I work at a reception desk for our department. We have an extra phone there for when people need to borrow a phone. Much like any phone in a rather public area it doesn't call long distance. So when people ask to borrow the phone we always tell them it doesn't call long distance and most of them respond that it is local. (The few who don't we send off to another place where there is a phone that dials long distance.)
The person using the phone will dial and hang up and dial and hung up and look perplexed and finally ask us why their call won't go through. When we ask what number they are dialing they invariably tell us a 10-digit number and we remind them you can't make long distance calls from. At that point a few people get that they need to drop the area code of their number and try again but most just look at you blankly like a deer in headlights.

Usually they get it when you further explain you drop the 520 (our area's area code). I had one person who asked what that meant so I explained that 520 meant the phone number was based out of Southern Arizona and that on a landline if you were calling it, you just ignored it. That just made it worse for her because then how does she get calls on her 520 number when she is out of state. *sigh*

The Fine Print: Stamps, dies and things by Stampin Up except the greeting by A Muse Studio.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Pumpkin Day!

I'm going out on a limb and say that the Stephanie Bernard Sizzix Fold-it Pumpkin die was really popular this year.  I base that assumption on the contents of my mailbox this season:

Monday, October 30, 2017

Almost Halloween

I figure I'd better share the Halloween cards I made this year or else I'll have to save them until next year. I'm sure they would be stale by then, just like candy corn.

Then I got really ambitious and made this Halloween waterfall card.

The Fine Print: The local grocery store started selling candy corn in early September. When I laughed about it, I was told that it had been in the back room for 2 months already and the manager wanted it out of there. So no one can tell me that candy corn is fresh, ever. Top card: greeting by PSX, owl and papers by Stampin' Up, second card all by SU, third card monster by Paper Smooches, chipboard topper from K and Co., dracula card 3D stickers by Recollections, waterfall card stamps by SU. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Happy Cat Day!

I asked the kids if they wanted to do anything special for National Cat Day. They said they already had big plans.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Last Day

How sad is that that today is the last day for the Cat Lovers Hop? I decided that I had to show off my newest cat stamp from last month. I kept the project sweet and simple today (just like me! [don't laugh]) . Isn't he just a sweetie?!
But before you go, I want to share with a you a picture from a few years back. I pulled out some stamping storage to make room for bigger and better storage and in true cat fashion Dio had to go sit in the place where the furniture had come out from. He also found something I lost under there and saved it to show me when I peeked over at him.
Look! Mom! I found your paper spider!

Yeah, that's enough to give you a heart attack, isn't it?!

The Fine Print: Simple Elegance cat stamp by Carabelle Studio.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Quiet Time

It's time for the Cat Lovers Hop again, but this time, shhh..... me and Dio and Cindy, we're all relaxing and taking it easy today.

The Fine Print: Stamps by Newton's Nook. And no, I'm not really getting to relax and take it easy today. I don't doubt that Cindy and Dio are though. I mean they are cats, that's what they do. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Big Cats

Today is Day 4 of the Cat Lovers Hop over at Janis' place. If you like cats you really should check it out.... lots of people sharing their felines. 
I have big cats to share with you today. This is the maiden voyage for this stamp that I got many, many months ago. I love Laurel Birch designs and I love to color so this was the stamp for me.
It is kind of a big stamp though so one you use it you can't do much else with it. I did decide to make a bigger card with it too so I could have a couple of layers. It's actually not that much bigger as I went from A2 to A6.
That's my offering for today, but before I go here's a little cat with a big purrsonality.
The Fine Print: Jungle cats stamp by Stampendous/Laurel Birch.